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what finals? by furowaa
what finals?
/does everything to put off studying/

t'was just a quick sketch. ^^
#BackSwagTaeil by furowaa
I probably did a million and one things wrong by deciding to write the birthday message in hangul. ;v;

1. not sure if it's grammatically correct oops
2. did not include "oppa" or similar honorific after his name because I haven't fallen that far into kpop idol stanning /cries/ I MEAN I LOVE THEM BUT I CAN'T BRING MYSELF TO CALL THEM "OPPA" IT GIVES ME THE HEEBIE JEEBIES.
3. it looks kind of weird.

...I just love this guy okay. From his smile to his badass tattoos, from his obsession with hats and glasses to his fun-sized-ness, from the eyes that he finds his biggest flaw (I personally find them adorable) to the cute way he speaks, from his shyness in front of cameras to his flawless voice.
The one and only time I legit started bawling while watching a kpop performance was during a performance of "Be the Light" when Taeil started singing. And when he hit his high note I cried harder. When he smiles, I smile. His tears become my tears.
I've always listened to Block B, but only recently began to heavily, heavily stan them.  And even so, this guy came in like a wrecking ball to my bias list.  Happy birthday Lee Taeil!  I hope light will always shine for you.

/end cheesy blurb but ugh I tried okay I really do love this guy but at this point my heart is overflowing with love goodbyeee/

...I know I have too many ultimate biases but this guy just came in like a storm and swept me away. Call me a polygamous bastard but until my feels properly sort themselves out it will have to be this way.
Birthday Boy (uno) by furowaa
Birthday Boy (uno)
I was going to post this at midnight Korean time but... college packing got to me ;v;

Isn't it great how I draw art for somebody that doesn't acknowledge my existence yet I don't draw birthday art for friends?

...heh ;v;

(and uno because my other kpop bae's birthday in 3 days ooo)
Torn by furowaa
So trying to draw some of the things that I almost never draw:

1. tears
2. closed eyes
3. flowers
4. strangely asymmetrical hair
5. braids
6. large and distorted mouths
7. paint-ish styles
8. stuff with textures
9. shading without base coloring first.  What??

At first I was kind of okay with the face but now looking at it it looks really weird.  ;;
I guess I'm pretty rusty /sighs/. Or was I just that way to begin with?

...meep idk
GUYS I'M BACK (kind of orz school kinda starts soon).

I haven't art-ed in quite literally months so I dunno, am I doing this right?? @___@

His (yes his) name is Jared and he's kinda like my alter ego.
He's a snarky af son of a mother who isn't about to deal with anybody's bull.
He likes overly large hoodies. Especially this old maroon one that he's worn to its threads.
And his only pairs of shoes are a pair of old red Converse and some leather flip flops.

I'll do a proper drawing of him eventually? Maybe? Who knows.


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